Main Features

It is needless to emphasize the importance of Computer Education in today's context where computers are playing vital role in every aspect of life from simple tasks like word processing to mission critical applications like remote satellite control. As there has been a tremendous development in the IT Scenario in the last few years and technology is occupying every work space, It is high-time for one and all to equip themselves with the latest trends of the industry. The convergence of communications with Information Technology is further fuelling the growth. Internet is one such example. All these are making mandatory for every one to learn how to use this powerful tool for a better living. Yes, if you are not a Computer Literate then you are an illiterate in 21 st century.

Main Feature of BCSP

  1. Use of Hindi along with English in Computer Education.
  2. Latest course for lowest possible fees.
  3. Computer Education for House wives, Businessmen, officers, staff and students.
  4. Providing self employment opportunity through computer education.
  5. Provision of both short term & long term courses.
  6. The Gyan Bharti Infotech (P) Ltd. will issue a relevant diploma on the successful completion of the course.