What is BCSP

BHARTIYA COMPUTER SAKSHARTA PROGRAM is being conducted by Gyan Bharti Infotech Pvt. Ltd. to make available Computer Literacy to the common man all over the country. The main objective of this program is to bring out the talent and the talent potential in towns and cities, the country side and far-flung regions and to make such persons self-dependent through training in Computer Application. BCSP aims at taking the basic training of Computer Application to the common man at minimum cost so that the maximum number of people may get Computer Education. Till now we have provided Computer. Education to nearly 10,000 persons through centers. The emphasis of the Central Government on the National IT Policy and the setup of ''IT TASK FORCE'' for implementing, 'IT EDUCATION FOR ALL '' had been quite a welcome move. Similar type of project was also launched by GYAN BHARTI INFOTECH (Pvt.) LTD. under the name of ''BHARTIYA COMPUTER SAKSHARTA PROGRAM (BCSP)'' This program is made available through GB Infotech and its ATC's at national level. The main motive of the program is to make many laks Computer Literates by the year 2020, and the program not only focuses on developing a good base of trained users but also facilitates in selecting various higher-end training programs in IT industry.